Episode 101

​      ​​Electronic scooters are the new craze all over Los Angeles. The faster the better. Everyone is having fun with these toys, everyone except Elbert. After finding a scooter on top of his brand new car, he realized someone needed to step up and protect every car in LA from these juvenile weapons of transpiration. From scooter scratches to scooters being left in the middle of the road, Elbert is on a mission to serve and protect every last car by "Taking one scooter out at a time".

Family always comes first to Top Dog, a crazy drug dealer who ends up getting his cousin and his cousin's best friend, known as the dirtbags, involved in what might just be the biggest pay off when it comes to weed, if they can manage to stay alive for the day. 

Episode 103

Episode 102

Nick Nuebery is not your average college student. He finds time to balance his 4.0 GPA and stop bad people from destroying Jamesplace University. When campus police cannot finish the job, a group of intelligent vigilantes all with a GPA of 4.0 team up to help Nick. Between schoolwork, sleep and saving the day, Agent Nuebery is definitely a jam packed mini-series that proves College is not jus a cake walk.

  Three card monte, The shell game, and slight of hand are just some ways you can get hustled in the physical world today. Allow Jonas (a life long huslter) to show you a new way of losing your money. ART OF A DEAL is a quick look at just how that hustle flows.